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Bentou & Hicutter(China,Ningbo) is a high-tech enterprise.
focusing on R & D design and production of  personal care,

with a near 10- years development,we have accumulated rich experience in research and design,
production control etc.
 The main products are committed to developing personal care products,

including humen Hair trimmers,
baby hair trimmer,women electric razor etc;

Through independent research and development,obtained a number of patents and copyrights.
From R & D and design to producttion,inspection and other links,we operate in strict accordance with
 the high-effect quality management systerm.meanwhile,the advanced supply chain management systerm ensure
high-quality operated.

we wish that each product we present,can let every customers feel safe,and easy to use.

We don't just retail, we are bulk wholesale.

Welcome to YHA. We are a hair trimmer factory of Mainland China. that helps owners find Handsome. YHA is a innovative and progressive company, upgraded our products every year to keep up with the latest designs popularity. Sold to customers from more than 30 countries. Our products have met CE, ROHS, FCC and other international requirements. 




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How to choose a hair clipper

I will show you my years of "one-stop haircut experience", take note, "one-stop" consists of just how to select a hair clipper, just how to choose to use a hair clipper, are you expecting it?! Part 1: Hair clippers, like whatever else in the hairstyle household, are a consistent feature, the much more expensive the better! (such as Philip), however as a "top notch white-collar worker" that understands how to be thorough and also thrifty, I can not spend money on this example, so I have to focus on the essential parameters like picking a computer, and also consistently pick and also compare one.:

" A lot of affordable",

" Finest Look",

" Finest Convenience Experience"

" Best Hair Clipper".

Appearance at those hair clipper criteria that we need to "concentrate on":

What are the best blades for hair clippers?

The sound level is the most appropriate Just how much power does an electrical shaver usage?

Are hair clippers water-proof?

Just how do you charge hair clippers?

What are hair clippers constructed from?

Allow's have a look at the secret of these specifications individually!

1. Which material is the most effective for the cutter head Take a look at numerous materials that exist on the market:

generally separated:

1.1) Stainless steel stainless-steel, as quickly as you listen to the name, you recognize that the cutter head is definitely hard to be harmed, and it is very tough! It's just not so wear-resistant, it might not be sharp after a very long time,

1.2) Ceramics, although good, are high and also wear-resistant in firmness contrasted to stainless steel cutter heads, yet consider those ceramic bowls as well as stainless steel knives, is it a bit of a principle! From the market factor of sight, stainless steel hair clippers are extra expensive than porcelains, which might be reduced in price and more durable.

2.Of program, the smaller sized the sound, the better.

We require to pay interest to this criterion when buying, typically there will certainly be,

3. How much electric motor power does the hair clipper usage

The difference is made by hair quality. Children with soft hair can use regular 4K. If you really feel that your hair is very "tough", of course, the bigger the much better.

4.Which water-proof degree is the best

I believe that everyone should have heard such a word in some razor ads, "complete body laundry"! Haha, exists a sense of knowledge surging inexplicably. Obviously, as the electric shaver's good bro "hair clipper", it must have a similar waterproof degree! Currently, the level of waterproofing on the market is mostly divided right into:

4.1) The cutter head is cleaned with water, that is, we must remove the cutter head for cleaning after use. A little a trouble.

4.2) Whole body washing haha, I saw the favored way, we put everything in the water after using it, "one dish" 4.3 IPX7/8/9 water-proof, this is a little bit professional! Every person must not recognize what this implies, as well as I really did not understand it at first, till I searched the Net and also discovered that,

<0>: No security

<1>: Water beads falling up and down from the drip-proof l-shaped have no damaging effects

<2>: Anti-drip type II water droplets dropping within 15 levels from the vertical have no dangerous effects

<3>: Rainproof type has no hazardous effect on rainfall within 60 levels of the vertical direction

<4>: Splash-proof type is not harmfully impacted by water splashing in any kind of direction

<5>: The jet-proof type is directly impacted by the jet of water in any direction without unsafe impacts.

<6>: Water-resistant type will certainly not go into the interior if it is straight splashed by water in any instructions

<7>: The immersion-proof kind will not go into the interior even if submersed in water under specified conditions

<8>: The water kind can still be used when immersed in water with continuous stress for a long period of time

<9>: Moisture-proof type can be utilized even in humidity below 90% loved one moisture See what the adversary level 7/8/9 are!!! Of course, the higher the degree, the higher the cost, you know.

5, the category of charging methods

The charging approach is normally a battery charger, which is mostly related to the built-in battery of the hair clipper, which is separated right into lithium battery and also normal battery. Lithium battery is the kind of battery utilized in our mobile phones!

6, the choice of body product

I feel that this figures out the quality of the hair clipper, similar to the average ase, metal back situation, as well as gold-inlaid back situation of cellphones. The far better the material, the extra costly it is. money relationship! Pure waste of money!!! Kids with soft hair can utilize normal 4K. If you really feel that your hair is really "tough", of program, the bigger the much better. Of program, as the electric razor's good sibling "hair clipper", it must have a similar waterproof level! The billing approach is normally a charger, which is mainly related to the integrated battery of the hair clipper, which is divided into lithium battery and ordinary battery. I really feel that this establishes the grade of the hair clipper, just like the average ase, steel back instance, and gold-inlaid back case of mobile phones.

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