10 do not own a dog


10 do not own a dog.

1 Don’t: Don’t spoil, raise pets reasonably, and also increase pet dogs as children is not correct

It is easy for the dog to regulate you, the condition is turned around, and the management power is taken by it, causing complete disobedience.

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Do not eat with the host.

2 Do not most likely to the table to plead for food: don’t eat with the master, do not walk in front of the table, consume before the master

Pets are prone to health problems, making it much easier for pet dogs to establish the bad habit of begging in front of the table.

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Do not take biting as a video game.

3 Do not: Don’t take canine attacking your fingers as a game when you are a child; this behavior can not be had

It may be enjoyable as a kid, and canines’ teeth, aren’t sharp enough. However, it’s different when it’s older. It’s far too late to change.

————————————————– ————————————————– ——-10 do not own a dog

Do not let it take food at will.

4 Food protection: Do not allow the canine to take food; otherwise, developing the bad habit of shielding food is straightforward. also, a partial eclipse

It needs to be made to know that the owner and not his own provide the food. This can be an excellent way to deal with eating routines.

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Vaccination as soon as well as every little thing is fine.

5. Do not miss the injection: Don’t miss the vaccine; it’s not right to have good luck

Vaccinations need to be immunized promptly; if you do not know the vaccination time, you can speak with the vet’s medical facility or the seller.

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10 do not own a dog

Don’t allow the pet dog to walk in front of you.

6. Don’t head out as well as walk around: Don’t pursue a walk as well as adhere to the pet’s footsteps. The owner ought to manage the walking course.

Avoid pet dogs creeping around when young canines must train one of the essential enhancements. Otherwise, they may be sneaking away from their proprietors. Follow them at all times.

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Do not obtain used to it taking down the house.

7. Do not let it tear down your home: It’s natural for pet dogs to be rowdy. If you were mischievous as soon as you were young, you may develop a practice as well, as it would not be. Easy to remedy it!

A home’s demolition must be fixed from a very early age. Otherwise, it will be a lot of problems to fix when it is significant. Lots of bad habits are created in childhood years.

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10 do not own a dog

10 do not own a dog.

Do not be a fat pet

8. Don’t make the pet a second brother: obesity in pets not only influences the appearance yet likewise quickly experiences different diseases.

Reasonable exercise and a healthy diet regimen is the best method to manage weight. When the canine gets fatter and fatter, it becomes careless, and the lazier it gets, the even worse it will certainly be.

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do not draw

9. Do not take it without traction: Do not take a walk without traction; it is not just straightforward to lose, but likewise more probable to cause others’ disgust; the traction rope amounts to the string of life

Make sure to bring a chain when walking the pet dog; otherwise, the pet is easy to get shed, and it is easy to eat unsafe food accidentally. It’s elementary to frighten others.

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pet dogs are not people

10. Do not deal with the pet’s transition as a human: a pet can be a part of the family members or a family pet. However, it’s always simply an animal. We can love it as well as the animal it, yet the transitional ruining like a child will only damage it, and also good behavior must be established from a very early age. This will undoubtedly make it simpler to raise the pet dog as it grows


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