Belgian Shepherd


Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Black Shepherd,

black hair,






Like its proprietor very much.

Belgian Shepherd

After listening to the command from the master,

will be wary,

focus as well as activity,

to strangers and also pay close attention,

Yet I don’t require to worry way too much,

as long as you’re not also shy,

it seems to be afraid,

Still no factor,

decisive strike without reason,

A pet dog brings about unneeded misconceptions,

Think of it as an extreme individual, activating a poor situation.

The difference between the Belgian Black Guard and German Shepherd is clear.

German Guards are big,

But the significant difference is the color of the hair.

The German Shepherd is likewise known as the Black Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd

because they have black backs,

only one color,

The Belgian Black Guard is pure black.

Some are black with white areas.

White markings show up in these locations: a small number of white pieces on the upper body.

The pads are white in between the toes,

The toes of the hind paws may be a little white,

The mouth and chin are a bit creamy colored.

So allow’s look at how to educate them to sit and jump.

Belgian Guard Resting:

To practice remaining on the left,

The dog has to base on the left initially.

After stating “sit down,”

Draw the collar with your right hand,

Carefully push the canine’s waistline with your left hand,

Or carefully press the pet’s hind legs.

Reward the pet promptly.

If you wish to practice being in the front,

Allow the pet to stand in front of you as well as state,

Belgian Shepherd

” rest”,

Your right hand is L-shaped,

The left hand is on the collar.

Compensate your dog immediately after a workout.

Need to be aware of is,

Throughout the technique,

Sitting time will differ with time.

Repeated technique,

Systematize its actions.

Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Guard Dive: Take the pet to a jumping location,

Allow it to rest on the owner’s left.

At the beginning of training,

The height of obstacles needs to be less than 30 cm.

The administrator needs to jump over the obstacles initially,

Then release the “dive” command.

Point your right-hand man at the obstacle,

Gently pull the leash with your left hand,

To pass the barrier.

Benefits are provided right away after the activity is finished.

In practice,

You can gradually enhance the elevation of the barrier,

It can slowly test different heights,

And also slowly make progress.

Connect with pet dogs regularly.

Can educate canines better.

Enhance your emotions!


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