How to choose a dog breed for the first time?


Answer directly: The point is not to look at the breed but the dog‘s character and your patience and financial ability. I’ve seen huskies, large free-range dogs,Las Vegas, the master just stood still when he shouted. I have also seen docile small dogs, but they don’t follow orders. not all Las Vegas is homeless, and not all Bichon Frises are docile. So what kind of dog is right for you? Let’s start with the additional economical, time, and energy costs of owning a dog.


Economic spending must-haves:
Dog food, 10 usd per month – no cap, depends on dog size, dog food brand.
Puppies have been injected with 50-100 usd, and the puppies that have just been brought home should be injected.
Rabies vaccine, once a year, ranging from 60-200. Some people do not have injections. It is strongly recommended that pet dogs in cities must have injections daily.
Contact, for your health, you have to get a shot too.
Internal and external deworming, one to several times a year, ranging from 60-200 per time. The importance of deworming cannot be overstated. Essential. unless your dog never leaves
Door. Dogs who go out must have worms in and out of their bodies.

Non-essential but actual consumption:

dog treats
Accidental illness, pet dogs often get skin diseases, incredibly hairy ones. What kind of gastroenteritis is there, even a terminal illness that can not cure.
My dog flew twice the transportation cost of moving, each time more expensive than my air ticket, 1000+. Because I work and change city by myself, I won’t
abandoned him.
Temporary things are in the pet store for foster care, such as some friends who are going home for the Chinese New Year, going out to play during the holidays, and the dog needs to be fostered, ranging from 30-100 yuan per day,
They are calculated based on city and dog size.
The rent of the renting family, I dare say that this cost is more than the above and many people will ignore it. No matter how clean you wash, please understand two things.
Fact: Dogs have body odor and shed hair all year round. If you have a dog and rent a house, you must plan the dog’s space. The larger the dog, the greater the space requirement. first-tier city
I don’t need to tell you how much the rent of a slightly larger house in the city will be. In addition, do you have to consider the convenience of walking the dog around when renting a home?
Kennel dog toy leash, etc.


Spayed hundreds of male dogs and thousands of female dogs~
The cost of raising a dog for three years is estimated at at least 15,000. My dog ​​is a medium-sized dog, does not eat much, has not been sick, and has not damaged any of my
Items, this cost is minimal! And I didn’t count the rent for at least 500-1000 more per month because the house has to be rented a little bigger.
Come in; after all, the house is big and comfortable.
Well, the financial problems didn’t scare you away? Then go ahead~ Any problem that can be solved with money is not a problem.

cost of time and effort
Correction of bad habits. Some dogs like to bite, especially during teeth grinding. Pay attention to shoes and furniture; trash cans will be turned over! get ready
Did you come back from a day’s work and see a messy home? There are so many torn pictures on the Internet that I won’t put them up. These can be trained well; watch the dog.
The level of intelligence you can teach ranges from a day to indefinitely.
Bowel training. My dog ​​refuses to be pulled at home. I haven’t trained it, so I walk it at least twice daily. Before he was four months old, I used to walk every day at noon.


I walked home for 20 minutes under the scorching sun from the company and took it out to pee. It still couldn’t hold back, so I had to use a mop to clean it in the stairwell. So row Poo training I can’t tell you how to train, except that you must be ready for a week indefinitely and go home to clean up the poo. endure home
There is a peculiar smell in it.


Walk the dog. As mentioned above, dogs not pulled at home must be walked every day. The time and energy required are obvious~ and pay attention; from now on, you rent.
Is there a place to walk the dog? When you walk the dog, you have to pick up shit, and raising a dog in a civilized way will not lose the face of our dog lovers.
Please take it to the veterinarian for various reasons. For example, the regular injections mentioned above, the sudden illness, and the need for foster care. Especially when you are suddenly ill,
It would help if you took time off on weekdays. I didn’t count the lost wages from taking leave.
Psychologically. Also easily overlooked. Do you feel bad when the dog stays at home all day? If one day it dies unexpectedly, you can bear it.


Because you are talking about raising a dog for the first time, I don’t want to describe how happy people and dogs are and how joyful life is to own a dog.
A dog is a life; a pet dog won’t find food on its own; it just looks forward to your feeding every day, and you take it to play. I hope you can fully.
Knowing there are so many difficulties, not one or two days, but one year, two years, or ten years.
Having a dog can bring a lot of fun. You are its whole world, its best friend. It has unreserved trust in you. sometimes bad encounters
When you look at it and act like a spoiled brat, you feel like you own the whole world. A wave of sensationalism.


Therefore, you need to judge which breed you are suitable for based on your actual situation.


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