Does Shih Tzu bite?


Does Shih Tzu bite?

1. When teasing Xi Shi Xiong,
If you are not aware of it,
It is best not to leave the smell of grains and melon seeds on your hands.
The computer mouse will certainly eat your finger accidentally,
If it is a bad-tempered rat.
It will attack down difficult!Does Shih Tzu bite
2. Not while he is sleeping,
Scare it from the top.
When the computer mouse sleeps, there is no protection,
If this moment,
You touch him from right above the computer mouse,
He’ll be startled as well as take a bite.Does Shih Tzu bite
3. Do not touch the mouse when he is highly anxious,
As an example, when battling in a cage,
or when mating,
when expecting.Does Shih Tzu bite
4. You are not knowledgeable about Xi Shi Xiong,
you have fun with it typically,
grab it with your hands,
Make it insecure.
It is advised that you adhere to the schedule,
Remove the hostility of Shih Tzu in the direction of you.Does Shih Tzu bite

Does Shih Tzu bite?

What should I do if the Xi Tzu bear attacks?

1. If you are terrified of being attacked.
Use rubber gloves.Does Shih Tzu bite
2. You can commonly feed the computer mice with treats,
After the computer mouse recognizes the odor,
The chance of attacking will be lower.
3. When Shih Tzu was eating,
Touch the mouse from the side or straight in front.
Shih Tzu bears have a significantly reduced need to assault when they eat.
4. After being attacked,
If it had not been for the Shih Tzu, bear bought from the marketplace,
Usually, required to be sanitized.
5. If you just bought it from the market,
After cleansing the injury, focus on
You can pick to get immunized.
Or a significant injury can be injected with tetanus vaccine.


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