Exactly how to feed canaries?


Exactly how to feed canaries?

1. Canary bird cage

The cage has to be large,
The canaries enjoy flying,
You can select a bird cage about 20 times larger than the size of the bird.
It is best to use specially made canary cages.
House canaries can be elevated in square or rounded bamboo cages.
Finest is kept in specifically made canary cages.
Food bowls, drinking bowls, and sets down must also be established in the cage;
The mouth of food containers and water cans need to be significant.
The perch bar is ideally oblate.
The bottom of the cage is covered with a layer of fine sand or cardboard.
It makes it very easy to tidy up bird droppings.Exactly how to feed canaries?

Exactly how to feed canaries?

2. Canary feeding

The canary’s day-to-day feed is millet, barnyard tares, cornmeal water, rapeseed, apples, environment-friendly veggies, and so on.
When the source of tares is challenging,
It can be changed by millet or millet.
Apple needs to be cut into little items.Exactly how to feed canaries?


3. Canary treatment

in cleaning,
The canaries are much more requiring than common caged ornamental birds,
The canaries love to clean,
Both food and drinking bowls are cleaned daily,
The sticks are cleaned every three days.Exactly how to feed canaries?
The canaries can insist on showering all the time,
After it is cleaned, the water in the dish needs to be changed in time.
If the canary is revealed to direct sunshine for a very long time,
it will discolor the feathers,
So an hour a day in soft sunlight suffices.
summertime evenings,
It’s much better to cover the bird cage with a cage,
Prevent mosquito attacks.Exactly how to feed canaries?
4. Canary Nourishment

Offer 1/4 fresh boiled egg yolk daily,
It can make canary fur more gorgeous.Exactly how to feed canaries?


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