Exactly how to raise traffic control fish?


Exactly how to raise traffic control fish?

traffic control fish,
Additionally known as neon fish, red lotus fish,
There is a somewhat much better called Baolian Lantern Fish.Exactly how to raise traffic control fish
The reason why the traffic signal fish is so eye-catching,
There are two primary reasons.
On the one hand, it is of high ornamental value.
They have an upright neon strip above the sideline of their body,
Specifically, when the light lusters,
It looks eco-friendly and also blue,
The shades are perfect,
And its tail is bright red,
Placing it all together is beautiful.Exactly how to raise traffic control fish
On the other hand, they are very tiny.
The biggest is just 3 to 4 centimeters.
It can feed some a lot more.
Although fairly short-lived,
It can only survive for a year or two in a fish tank.
Yet they multiply rapidly,
So the cost is a lot more affordable.Exactly how to raise traffic control fish
1. The decorative effect of traffic control fish
Mentioning viewing impacts,
must be connected to the aquarium,
Because the dimension of the neon fish is reasonably tiny,
So the size of the fish tank is a lot more arbitrary.
If you want more, get a larger one.Exactly how to raise traffic control fish
The decoration in the aquarium is simply ordinary deep wood as well as marine plants.
However, keep in mind to place even more water plants,
It is best to put it in a location that can block the light,
Because neon fish choose darker spaces.Exactly how to raise traffic control fish
Last but not least is the shape of the container.
It is additionally a plus for the watching impact.
Standard fish tanks are regular rectangular shapes.
Such fish tanks do not ultimately show their charm.
It is suggested to try a round fish tank.
The viewing effect is promptly improved.
2. The reproducing procedure of light traffic fish
When placing the neon fish right into the new storage tank,
The first thing to do is to quarantine the aquarium and tools.
Make use of normal potassium permanganate.
Finally, the overheated water before going into the storage tank,
Especially if you want to mix various other fish,
It is best to soak the fish with potassium permanganate for one minute and quarantine it.
Then use the original container water many times and fish individually.

Exactly how to raise traffic control fish?

In terms of water top quality,
Neon fish like soft water,
Weak acid water,
A pH of 5.5 to 7.0 is excellent.
It is best to transform the water much less after putting it right into the aquarium.
Since regular water adjustments are a sort of damage to them,
Generally, they don’t have a lot of excrement.
Plus, they are pretty tiny,
So utilize a small filter.
Traffic control fish have specifically high demands on water temperature.
Primarily, a continuous temperature of 24 levels is the best.
Neither high nor low,
The interval value is exceptionally brief,
It can be said that there can be practically no significant fluctuations.
For newbies,
Temperature control is complex.
You cannot guarantee when its temperature level will drop or climb.
As a result, the water temperature is one of the most challenging factors in reproducing traffic control fish.
Even professionals are conscientious.
So before taking them residence,
Be sure to identify if you have problems keeping the water temperature constant.
Neon fish is likewise an “excellent baby” that is not choosy in all,
Consume it as long as it can,
I feed them red worms, dry feed, other artificial fish food, etc.
But keep in mind that the red worms have to wait on them to expand to around 1.5 cm or more,
That is to say, feed it when you are a grownup.
If they are as well small, they might not absorb,
susceptible to enteritis and other diseases.
Dry feed, as well as artificial fish food, are more accessible,
Feed them anytime.
Neon fish has a very gentle personality,
Additionally, they are genuinely not leading in dimension,
So it’s not offending.
It is ideal for mixing.
Yet don’t neglect to combine with the same size as them,
Also, big might be harassed by various other fish.


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