A little white hair clipper (electric hair clipper) purchase experience

    As far as I know, the most popular items sold during this epidemic are printers and hair clippers. Printers are bought for children who are studying at home, and hair clippers are for people who can’t go out to get a haircut.

    In this situation, all the shops on the market are closed, and I don't know when it will resume work. Not to mention densely populated places like barber shops and places that require close contact. A barber has to receive more than a dozen people every day, and he doesn’t know if his household appliance clippers are not clean...

    So buy a hair clipper yourself and rest assured.

    So, I started Xiaobai's journey to find a hair clipper again.

    Electric hair clippers (hair clippers) are a small branch in the field of small appliances

    There are also good hair clipper manufacturers in China, such as Bentou;

    There are two domestic standards related to electric hair clippers (hair clippers): "GB 4706.9-2008 Special requirements for safety razors, electric hair clippers and similar appliances for household and similar electrical appliances" and "QB/T 1875-2013 Electric hair clippers, these two standards are drafted by the above companies.

    "QB/T 1875-2013 Electric Clippers"

    "GB 4706.9-2008 Special requirements for safety of household and similar electrical appliances: shavers, hair clippers and similar appliances"

    I personally feel that when buying a hair clipper (hair clipper), you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

    Cutter head

    Is it with a battery? How long can the battery last?

    Can the length of the push head be adjusted?


    Cleaning: Can it be washed

    Whether to refuel

    Cutter head

    There are three commonly used cutter heads: steel, ceramic and titanium alloy, and the price is also going up in turn.


    The batteries are divided into lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium batteries are used longer. Generally, it takes 2-4 hours to charge the electric energy with a lithium battery, and 40-90 minutes for a nickel-hydrogen battery.

    Push head adjustment

    Generally, electric hair clippers (hair clippers) for personal use will be equipped with four positioning combs. The length is divided into 3mm\6mm\9mm\12mm. You can change which length you need. This is a bit troublesome. The high-end one is to use a positioning comb. It can be adjusted by the knob on the electric clipper (hair clipper), and the length can be adjusted from 1mm to 12mm. In addition, another compromise is the fine adjustment of the positioning comb +0-2mm.


    The sound of an adult's hair clipper (hair clipper) is generally 60-70 decibels, which is lower for children, but children over 3 years old can use the same as adults, there is not much difference.

    Water wash

    Every time you cut your hair, there will always be some broken hair in the electric clipper (hair clipper). To clean it up, the easiest way is to wash it with water. Some hair clippers (hair clippers) cannot be washed at all, some can wash the knife head, and some can be washed all over the body.

    Come on

    There are two types of hair clippers (hair clippers) that need to be refueled. Some are better to be refueled before and after use, and some do not need to be refueled (but I don’t know the specific principle).

    Okay, from the above perspectives, I also found some electric hair clippers (hair clippers) that I can afford, and bought them for myself as a reference, and I hope they will be useful to you.


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