How to maintain hair style gracefully

    I also started to fix the margins, learned how to be refined and how to maintain myself. It is very, very important to know a good appearance and a healthy body.

    Hair style is one of men’s troubles. Hair styles are often messy, too long, and occasionally a little oily... Alas, it really hurts my romantic and heroic appearance. The way I deal with them has always been to get a haircut: But, this There are two drawbacks, one is the time problem, the long queue time, and the second is the hygiene problem, especially after the pandemic...Until recently, I learned about a product: Bentou hair clipper, how can it be unreasonable to try it.

    It is produced by Bentou, and the name is very artistic. Later on Baidu, I found that it means young people or promising. Of course, you can buy it with confidence, and you don’t even need to compare prices. After all, what they play is cost-effective. This is the case with the Bentou hair clipper. The price is only 69 yuan. It can be said that the price is close to the people. Let's take a look at the practicality and whether it is worth the price.

    The exquisite and compact paper packaging adopts cross-border features, with product renderings and product logos printed on the front. It is understood that all Bentou products adopt this simple style, which makes people feel more classy; the contents of the package It is also very rich, including the main body of the Bentou hair clipper, four limit combs, a USB cable, an oil bottle, a brush and instructions.

    Bentou hair clipper is like an enlarged fountain pen. It is exquisite and compact. The alloy material used on the exterior is also matched with the carving process. It not only feels comfortable and non-slip, but also looks full of grade.

    The top of the Bentou hair clipper is a hair clipper blade, which uses a D8 blade. Generally, the hair clipper does not use such a good blade, but it also shows Bentou's meticulous attitude towards products. It is important to know that high-quality steel is durable. Guaranteed.

    Carefully observe the cutter head, you can see that the internal blades fit tightly, with a 0 tooth pitch, and a high-speed rotating motor, which can greatly avoid the problem of jamming, and the design is also very delicate, and the blades avoid scratching the skin.

    Designed for cleaning, the hair can be flushed out by directly flushing from the back with a faucet, which is simple and convenient.

    The bottom of the fuselage is the battery compartment. The product logo is printed on the handle near the battery compartment, and the bald eagle is exquisitely engraved to prevent slippage.

    Let's start a delicate life with USB charging. The first thing you experience after turning on is the operating volume, which is similar to the vibration of our mobile phone, and the sound is very light. Even if it is used early, it will not disturb the rest of the family.

    Well, this is the end of the evaluation of Bentou hair clippers. If you let me summarize this product, I think it will be one sentence: economical, easy to use and not expensive~ I heard that there is a ranking of high quality and cheap products. I think Bentou hair clipper can definitely have a place! Interested friends take a closer look.


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