• Metal wire can cut not to mention hair, this domestic hair clipper is super burning

    Hair clipper, a practical tool that almost all men in the world need. Speaking of hair clippers, what brand did you think of first? I believe that the answer of many friends will be-foreign brands. With excellent quality, foreign brand hair clippers have become the choice of many users. However, its price is not very close to the people. It costs a few hundred yuan to buy a hair clipper. Recently, there is a domestically-made hair clipper that has super performance, not only can cut hair and even the metal wire, but also in terms of price, this domestically-made hair clipper is more friendly to the people.

    The blade of this domestic hair clipper is the D8 blade. This is a well-known sharp blade, and it is now at the pinnacle of stainless steel. Here, you can find more than 100 stainless steel materials for different purposes. So you don't have to worry about the sharpness of this hair clipper.

    The hair clipper is a man's "cosmetic device", so it is natural to pursue excellence, and this is a rushing hair clipper.

    Recommended reason:

    The price is close to the people, 69 yuan so you can't buy it at a loss

    High-speed motor, surging power, fine haircut

    Small and convenient, carry it with you

    The cutter head can be washed directly

    2 hours fast charge, 2 hours battery life

    Even wire can be cut

    The motor is the core of the hair clipper. As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a saddle. In Bentou hair clipper, "a good motor is equipped with a good blade". The high-speed turbo motor can achieve 6500 revolutions per minute. Can be easily scraped off.

    Ultra-thin blade, realize blowing and breaking hair

    Achieve easy haircuts without dead ends, and refuse card haircuts and other issues. It is very convenient to clean with water.

    Small size, long battery life, the essence is concentrated

    Compared with common hair clippers in daily life, this type of hair clipper is really small, only 1/4 of the size of a mobile phone, and its weight is much lighter than most hair clippers, even comparable to the weight of eggs. Packing in the luggage bag only takes up a relatively small space. Full of carved shapes, it can be called an exquisite small steel cannon. After 2 hours of fast full charge, it can achieve long standby time, bringing you a more convenient haircut experience.