• Listen to my wife's words: be a sophisticated man, use a benign hair clipper

    If makeup is a compulsory course for women every day, then shaving and haircut should also be a compulsory course for most men. Of course, if you want to be a mature uncle, you don't have to think about it. I went to the barbershop to queue up for a haircut, wasting a lot of precious time, not to mention, it is not hygienic, I believe many people have experienced it. Fortunately, there are various styles of hair clippers to help the kid alleviate his worries. For my birthday a while ago, my wife gave me a birthday gift-Bentou Hair Clipper, which was convenient for business trips. What is the experience, let’s look down...


    Can you imagine this is the packaging of a rushing hair clipper? Is it so trendy? I'm a little bit reluctant to take it down

    The outer packaging uses a variety of design elements, but there is no sense of mess. The product name YHA HAIR CLIPPER is printed on the side of the package, and the product label and other related information are on the bottom.

    Although I was reluctant to destroy this "artwork", my curiosity drove me to tear off the film and disassemble it. The body of the hair clipper was properly protected by the sponge.

    Further down, a mini outer packaging box, which contains other accessories of the hair clipper.

    Family portrait: hair clipper + USB to Type-C charging cable + storage bag + cleaning brush + 4 limit combs + oil bottle + manual

    I don't care, I will live here

    So how mini is this hair clipper? Dudu, tell you the answer!

    Compared with other hair clippers I used before, without the long grip, it turns out that the hair clipper can be so delicate mini.

    The Type-C charging port is really rare on razors, and it happens to be able to share the charging cable of the mobile phone.

    Of course, although this product is mini, it has a lot of weight to get started. It is learned from the official website that it is made of precision carving and has a full texture.

    As for the cutter head, Bentou hair clipper adopts the D8 cutter head design, which is processed by 18 processes.

    Actual experience:

    Because of frequent business trips or meeting clients, weekly haircuts have become the norm for me.

    Although he is small, he is very motivated, and it is not inferior to the big men of my other brands. Haircut feels comfortable, shaved cleanly, and does not get stuck.

    For many people, the cleaning of hair clippers should also be a difficult problem. But if you support washing, you will definitely feel different. The head hair clipper with IPX6 waterproof design, the blade can be rinsed under the faucet, which is very convenient.

    How about the battery life of such a miniature hair clipper? The Bentou hair clipper has a built-in 18650 lithium battery, and the theoretical battery life is up to 2 hours. For the average person, it should be used for one month with a single charge.

    Because it uses the Type-C interface, the charging speed of the Bentou hair clipper is also relatively fast, and it can be fully charged in about 2 hours.

    Carry a hair clipper on business trips and give yourself a more energetic haircut anytime, anywhere, so that your daily life will be as full as developing a plug-in.