The first step to find a girlfriend: buy a hair clipper to get your hair straightened out

    Nowadays, many young people like to have long hair and appear mature. And the really mature old, middle-aged and young people have their hair cut very short, making them look young.

    In fact, as far as I know, most girls don't like boys with long hair. In your own eyes, it is fashionable, handsome, and mature. In their eyes, it is sloppy.

    Before looking for a girlfriend, I cleaned myself up and got my hair straightened out.

    What tools do you need to use for haircutting? What kind of hair clipper is more suitable? Personally, I always insist on getting a haircut by myself. The specific intention is because it is convenient for haircuts outside. I have to wait in line every time and waste Dali time. Moreover, the barber shop is a public place. Many people share a hair clipper, which is unhygienic, especially during the epidemic. I have a hair clipper. When my hair is a little longer, I cut my hair short, by the way. I feel more fulfilled in my haircut.

    But it’s more convenient to get a haircut when you are away. I also prepared a hair clipper with my bag. The effect cannot be said to be very good. The focus is on portability.

    How to choose a common hair clipper on the market? Summarize three points.

    1. Don't choose products that are too light in weight. The parts inside are not complete and the quality is even worse.

    2. Try to choose cross-border products with better quality.

    3. The hair clipper scissors must be sharp and can cut copper wires.

    Remember, these three points are aimed at the hard hair characteristics of Asian men. The pulling sensation will also be small.

    Generally speaking, for Asian men, I still strongly recommend running hair clippers across borders. It is enough to shave more cleanly, because it saves time and improves efficiency, and the hair is very energetic in the past round.


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