How do amateur crayfish maintain?


How do amateur crayfish maintain?

Raising crawfish is not frustrating,
Crawfish are not delicate pets.
Lots of newbies pertain to raising crawfish as a difficult task.
Not so.How do amateur crayfish maintain
daily feeding
Crayfish are highly omnivorous.
Spinach, carrots, rape, and various other veggies,
Fish, shrimp, red worms, blood worms, salt water shrimp, and also shrimp feed are all the crayfish like to consume.
Don’t feed excessive at one time,
The overall amount can not be revealed in a details quantity.
Probably the size of the first fifty percent of the crawfish claws is the most suitable.
When I was young, it was morning, noontime, and evening three times a day.
When it is more significant than 6 centimeters, it is far better to change it twice a day in the early morning and evening.How do amateur crayfish maintain
everyday work
Modification of one-third of the water in the tank in about five days,
Draw some debris out of the all-time low the storage tank,
It is conducive to keeping water quality and is also conducive to the growth of crayfish.How do amateur crayfish maintain
fork over
It is an integral part of the crawfish and the disaster of a life.
Numerous crayfish are given up at this pass.
An indicator of dropping is the appearance of a white fracture between the head and the body,
Poor cravings and also anorexia nervosa signifies loss.

How do amateur crayfish maintain?

As a result, I suggest that newcomers should fish the crayfish that have lost their shells independently in the breeding box.
If not, you can utilize a transparent mineral water container to poke a lot of eyes at it,
Make an opening in the layer larger than your crawfish to suit conveniently.
Place this in the water and also place a little sand in it.
Put the crawfish that will shed their coverings right into the crayfish under 6 cm,
Then cover and place this in the container,
So easy semi-closed shelter is done,
Furthermore, I recommend not to acquire crawfish that are about to shed their shells.
Repurchasing it might lead to a tragic failing of shell elimination due to environmental adjustments.


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