How do you prepare to bathe your cat?


How do you prepare to bathe your cat?

1. Prep work before showering

1. Choose a warm noontime bath,

Stop cats from blowing cold wind and also capturing a cold.How do you prepare to bathe your cat?


2. Trim the pet cat‘s nails before bathing,

Pet cats are terrified of water.

When showering, protect against felines from the ground up to their owners when they battle.How do you prepare to bathe your cat?


3. Before washing, you can calm the feline’s mood.

You can have fun with it for some time,

give it some treats,

Give it a bath when the air is secure,

There is no excellent resistance.How do you prepare to bathe your cat?


4. Prepare a unique towel for cats,

Typically utilize a towel with excellent water absorption.

Cats have a lot more hair.

Dry reasonably slowly.How do you prepare to bathe your cat?


5. Prepare a cat cage as well as a hair clothes dryer,

be prepared ahead of time,

After drying, it is convenient to place the feline in the pet cat cage to dry it.

Prevent felines from running around

Get dirty once again and stay clear of difficulty.How do you prepare to bathe your cat?


How do you prepare to bathe your cat?

2. Bathing steps

1. First, brush the feline’s hair,

You can clean up the excess roaming hair.

Easy to clean later.


2. Prepare a pot of warm water,

Evaluate the water temperature level with your hand,

It does not feel warm.


3. Do not obtain a water right into the cat’s eyes and ears when showering,

You can wash the pet cat’s body initially.

Finally, carefully wash the cat’s head,

Dry the pet cat’s head right away after cleaning it.

To prevent pain,

Drinking your head will throw you covered in water.


4. After the pet cat’s body is saturated,

Start using feline shampoo for pet cats.

Carefully scrape the feline’s hair with your hands,

After catching the foam, remain to massage the pet cat,

The kitten is still very comfortable.

It will undoubtedly make a groaning noise.


5. Next, wash the cat with foam,

clean off the foam,

Rinse numerous times for ideal results.


6. Next is the pet cat’s head,

The crap shovel policeman can soak it with his cotton or towel.

Slowly wipe the feline’s face, tear spots outside the ear canal,

Simply tap it a few times.


After washing,

Wrap the feline in an absorbent towel.

maintain massaging its hair,

can be repeated often,

Clean until no water trickles from the master.


Put the feline in the cat cage as well as shut it.

Avoid the cat from having a hard time getting away,

hot air from a hairdryer,

Slowly dry the feline,

Don’t get too close to be careful of scalding the feline.

It can be air-dried or half-dried.


3. What should I pay attention to when taking a bath?

1. Newborn kittens can not take a bath,

the relatively poor figure,

Typically, you can not take a bath within three months.

It is recommended to wash the pet cat after three months.


2. Cats that have just been injected can not wash.

Back then, the resistance of cats was relatively poor.

easy to capture chilly,

It is recommended to take a shower after a week.


3. Cats must not bathe often.

Usually, you can wash it when every month or a month.

Since cats enjoy being clean,

Residential felines don’t head out, either.

It’s not unclean in itself.


4. When utilizing a hair clothes dryer,

Do not blow in the feline’s face,

prevent burns,

If you mess up your hair, the feline will certainly be angry with you,

Make sure your cat is indoors after showering.

Prevent the pet cat from blowing calm wind and will undoubtedly get ill and capture a cold.


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