Introduction of Polish Rabbit


Introduction of Polish Rabbit

Polish bunnies are tiny animal bunnies. The most significant body size is less than 7.6 cm, and the weight is just 1.6 kg.

The body is rounded and brief, their ears will undoubtedly be close together, and the hair is short and thick, which resembles a hairy sphere.


There are many ranges of them, with different body shades; some are white around, and some are black and white.


Particularly the black and white Polish rabbit.

White locations look whiter than various other colored bunnies.

Both ears are also black.

Eyes black, iris brown.

There is an oval-shaped ink mass on the left cheek near the upper part of the mouth, which is very conspicuous on Bai Bai’s head.


Polish rabbit food is primarily vegan.

You can offer it with some field, vegetables, water turtles and bunny food.

Generally, it is primarily bunny food and yard, supplemented by treats. At the same time, take note of the preventative measures when changing the food and do not change the food all of a sudden.


Bunny food is one of the essential things for Polish bunnies and also is the primary food.

It is made according to the Polish bunny’s tummy and body and consuming practices.

It has had a tremendous impact on the growth and advancement of Polish bunnies! Now domestic food is imported and also trained.


Introduction of Polish Rabbit

Pasture is crucial for Polish rabbits.

There are alfalfa lawn, timothy, dandelion turf, and mint turf … There are lots of kinds, and it is suggested to provide unrestricted quantities for one day.

Introduction of Polish Rabbit


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