What not to do with cats?


What not to do with cats?

1. Don’t terrify the pet cat with a loud noise

Some pet proprietors are rather childish.

Occasionally they deliberately frighten felines with loud noises.

Seeing the pet cat panicked,

Additionally, locate it fun.What not to do with cats?


The feline is very worried about the sudden loud noise.

If you scare it so usually,

The pet cat will be terrified of you,

Despite how excellent your relationship is,

It will gradually pertain to hate you.What not to do with cats?


2. Do not touch its cubs

If you have a women feline,

After that, just after it gave birth,

Never touch its cubs delicately.

The women’s feline is very protective of the calf.

And at this time, their state of mind is not steady,

Doing so will promote it,

Pet cats might dislike you too.What not to do with cats?


Right now, it is best to give it a tidy body,

Prepare a silent and also comfortable setting for it,

let it rest well,

Allow the feline to recover emotionally as well as literally.What not to do with cats?


What not to do with cats?

3. Don’t pet other felines before it

Cats are jealous as well as possessive.

If it falls for its master,

After that, I also hope the pet owner can pet the dog alone.

Enjoy it as a feline.

If your pet dog or appreciation one more pet cat in its presence,

Then the cat will undoubtedly assume,

You betrayed your relationship,

it will be jealous,

Even fighting with a famous feline,

So pet owners do not do this anymore.What not to do with cats?


4. Don’t draw its tail

A cat’s tail is an essential part.

It maintains its well-balanced,

and attached to the spine,

straight to the intestinal tracts,

So they typically do not allow people to touch its tail delicately.


If you draw hard on the feline’s tail,

May reason cat diarrhea, diarrhea, incontinence, etc. if it is severe,

might likewise damage its spine,

cause paralysis.

So regardless of how excellent your connection with the pet cat is,

Do not pull its tail violently,

Or else it will despise you.


5. Do not strike it with violence

The pet cat is willing to be defeated by you,

All because I love you and also welcome you.

However, if you constantly strike it when you disagree,

Pet cats do not feel love for you,

will obtain increasingly more disappointed,


The love for you will be gone as well,

Someday I don’t wish to endure your atrocities,

it could attack you,

Already you won’t be able to regret it.


6. Don’t feed it inferior cat food

Food is essential for cats.

It is what maintains felines active.

So the most significant dream of a feline’s life is to drink and eat well daily.

Nutritious as well as a healthy and balanced food.


If you constantly feed your cat low-quality pet cat food,

spoil the cat’s body,

pet cats are usually sick,

It doesn’t feel your attention either,

After that, I will undoubtedly be increasing disappointed in you,

dislike you more and more.


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