What to prepare for cat birth


What to prepare for cat birth

For pet cat production, prepare completely dry cotton fabric, clinical alcohol, nonreusable sterile gloves, heating system, baby diapers, quilt, warm nest, canned pet cat food, oral sugar, etc.


The shovel officer will undoubtedly prepare the delivery room one week before the cat is born.

Let the pregnant pet cat adapt to the hospital room a week beforehand, which will undoubtedly assist the pregnant feline in giving birth smoothly.


To bring to life kitties, cats need a reasonably small room.

I recommend that the shit shovel policeman get a pregnancy space,

A zipper can open up the top,

It is convenient for cats to go into as well as exit, as well as it is likewise suitable for you to care for kitties.


The semi-enclosed hospital room can satisfy the requirements of the female feline’s production setting.

The surrounding fencing can protect against pet cats from running around and impact the manufacturing procedure!

The vast area permits expectant pet cats to move freely without constraint!

The side roller shutter layout is convenient for felines to get in and exit.

The removable skylight on the top allows you to observe your pet dog‘s scenario anytime, saving you fret.

The whole delivery room is constructed from excellent mesh material to make sure ventilation as well ventilation, and also the feline will not be bored.


If you don’t have purchase problems, you can make your hospital room.

Find a carton and open a round opening 10-15 centimeters from the container.

This can additionally assist in the tasks of the female cat,

At the same time, it can protect the pet cat from befalling.

When possible, include a cover ahead,

Open the cover once in a while to look after the kitty cat.


Additionally, keep some clean, soft blankets and towels in the hospital room,

It will make the pregnant cat love to stay in it extra before delivering,

It will certainly also decrease discomfort in expecting felines throughout labor.


Ultimately, don’t neglect to fill the delivery room with animal pee pads.

can protect against blood or pee from dripping onto the covering,

It is also hassle-free for daily cleansing and also a substitute.


Expecting pet cats need sufficient nutrition throughout their maternity.

To make particular the healthy and balanced physique of the pregnant cat, in addition to the power required for production.


Typically, the shovel policeman can supplement the pregnant feline with high-quality, healthy protein,

Such as milk items, eggs, meat, etc


Yet be aware that many pet cats are lactose intolerant.

It is advised that the shovel policeman drink goat milk powder or unique milk powder for pet dogs or expecting cats.

As well after the kitty was born,

If the pregnant feline has no milk,

Goat milk-based can be fed to kitty cats.


Before the expectant feline gives birth, the shovel officer must not overfeed it.

Prevent straining the women’s pet cat,

If you are fretted that the body of the pregnant feline requires inadequate supply,

The shit shovel officer can boost the number of feedings,

Allow the pregnant pet cat to consume small and regular dishes without triggering stress on the kitten in the abdomen.


You can select specialist calcium as well as magnesium cream for the female pet cat,

Help the female pet cat recuperate energy,

The shovel police officer can additionally make homemade crucian carp soup or brown sugar water to feed the women’s pet cat,

Feeding in moderation can assist in advertising lactation.


Shit shoveling policemen, don’t assume that the female pet cats at home are all “Gods of War,”

Production may not be as smooth as anticipated.

As a certified spunk shovel police officer, you should additionally discover midwifery.


Once the kitty cat is born,

If the mom feline neglects,

The spunk shovel officer needs to by hand break the fetal cavity by,

Let the kitten breathe by itself, or the kitty cat will stifle and also pass away.

What to prepare for cat birth


In addition, after the kitty cat is birthed, the umbilical cable will fall off,

Women pet cats that do not fall typically rout their own and bite off the umbilical cable.


Nevertheless, some women cats fail to remember to snap the umbilical cord because they are physically weak or inexperienced.

The shit shovel officer will cut the umbilical cable manually 15 minutes after the kitten is born.

And also, disinfect the umbilical cable opening with the iodine option.


Remember, leave a 10-15cm lengthy umbilical cord to avoid infection.

What to prepare for cat birth


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