Why do guinea pigs bite and die


Why do guinea pigs bite and die

The guinea pig died after biting, it may have been sick in the past, or it was abrupt sudden death,
The bitten person usually is not a problem, yet it is best to visit the medical facility to decontaminate the wound.
The guinea pig is a type of pet that is simple to die suddenly and might be overstressed to pass away after attacking.

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When people grab test subjects, guinea pigs don’t, such as being held.
Holding it up will make the guinea pig feel insecure.
May bite the individual holding them as if to inform him I don’t like being born.

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Usually, a guinea pig attacks only gently.
Including the influence of external noise may make it a little more challenging.

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Test subjects like to head to the toilet on their own.
If you hold them, they get irritated and also want you to drop them,
It does not intend to pee on you, and it leaps away on your lap,
Some will additionally attack around things or begin to bite the back of your hand.

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When you ignore it initially, the test subject bites harder.
At some point, they’ll surrender and urinate directly on you.

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If guinea pigs are held for too long, they additionally obtain annoyed,
Attempting to return to their den, you could get bitten if you keep playing with them.

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When termites assault the guinea pig, the skin will undoubtedly feel discomfort, as it should not be brushed.
They might select to attack you when they are in pain. If your test subject acts like this, call your vet promptly.


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