Why do novices keep fish to death?


Why do novices keep fish to death?

1. Impatient.
I don’t understand anything concerning elevating fish in the amateur phase.
Assuming that fish can live as long as they have water,
Place the fish straight into the water after acquiring,
The outcome was a disaster.
Fish can live without water.
But the water temperature level at the time of acquisition,
Not like the water temperature level in our fish tank,
place the fish straight in,
It will undoubtedly cause the fish to have a stress reaction.
like we take a bath,
the water is as well cold or as well hot,
Nor can we adjust,
require to adapt to the ideal temperature,
to adjust.Why do novices keep fish to death?
recently acquired fish,
Got ta look at the water,
When acquiring fish,
Do not be in a rush to open the plastic bag that is in maturity.
Place the plastic bag directly on the water surface area of the aquarium,
Let the fish adapt to the temperature level of the brand-new setting,
It generally takes about 30 minutes to complete the water.
* Demanding behavior
The fish will rest on the bottom of the container,
Do not feed food or eat,
The resulting feces drift on the water through white mucous membranes.
It is a sign of a tension reaction.Why do novices keep fish to death?
2. Overfeeding
New to fish farming,
I do not recognize how much food to feed.
And also several times a day.
Just like our consuming practices,
three times a day,
Each time I feed the fish, I do not eat it.
It is an incorrect technique,
No starving fish,
just dead fish,
The fish do not know if they are hungry,
When there is food, it consumes,
Eventually, bring about death!Why do novices keep fish to death?
take the appropriate feeding method,
Feed at 2% -9% of the fish’s body weight,
If it is challenging to calculate,
Then feed in small amounts,
feed fed,
The fish will certainly be consumed within five minutes,
Clarify.Why do novices keep fish to death?

Why do novices keep fish to death?

3. High density of fish farming
It is likewise an amateur fish farming,
most usual blunder,
Since there are lots of sorts of fish,
I wish to place whatever in my tank,
Therefore, a growing number of are acquired.
Consequently, the home of the fish comes to be more and more congested,
The home of fish comes to be crowded,
the more oxygen you need,
The requirements for water top quality need to be greater additionally,
Otherwise, the fish will indeed be deprived of oxygen.
The water top quality of the aquarium ends up being gloomy as well as untidy,
In the long run, it did not make a living.Why do novices keep fish to death?
than thick feeding,
Feed low-density fish,
At the opening of the home tour,
It is much more conducive to the growth of fish,
At the same time, the state is healthier and also energetic.
* Hypoxia efficiency:
There is much less oxygen in the water,
From time to time, the fish will,
Put your head out of the water and take a breath through your mouth,
If there is little oxygen in the water,
all the fish,
It keeps sticking its head out of the water to take a breath.
4. Water quality
Water is the fundamental problem for fish farming.
It can likewise be said that water is the life of fish.
The water is terrible,
How can fish endure!
launch fish into wild rivers,
They can adapt and survive well,
However, we can’t make use of water from wild rivers to raise fish,
Nevertheless, the fish tank is matchless with the moving water of nature.
One of the most typical blunders newbies make,
It is to load the aquarium with faucet water to raise fish directly,
Some fish are tenacious and can adjust.
However, most of the fish still died!
It is mainly because,
Tap water consists of many industrial bleach, disinfectants, chlorine, and other chemical damaging materials.
Direct use will use poisonous substances on the fish.
To raise fish, increase water first.
It is a timeless fact,
The objective of elevating water is to volatilize damaging chemical substances naturally,
Softening the water is more suitable for fish farming.
Before increasing fish,
The fish tank is full of faucet water,
There is a filter to open up the filter system,
Place it without filtering.
Let the faucet water naturally play out harmful materials,
The fish can be put in for 7-10 hrs.


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